Production Process
The typical production process of the processing performed by Alberio S.p.A. is represented by an essential interconnection between the dictates of the various mandatory regulations on the environment and health sectors, which describe in which features the production cycle must consist of and which equipments should be installed by the company in order to minimize its environmental impact.
Products, processes and environmental impacts are also constantly monitored thanks to the activities of the Quality Control Laboratory, subject to continuous investments with the aim of ensuring modern and advanced equipments.
Quality Control Laboratory
The company has a modern Quality Control Laboratory, equipped with advanced instruments.
Skilled technicians daily test the physical-chemical compliance of raw materials and derived products and constantly monitor the goodness of the production process.
The laboratory also daily test the compliance of water from the wastewater treatment plant.
Processing Line
The plant in Cirimido is dedicated to the processing of Category 3 Animal By-products for the production of Animal Fats and Processed Animal Protein and consist of four processing lines with an overall capacity of 300,000 tons / year.
Alberio S.p.A. during his own history has invested significant resources in the production facility, adapting to the technological developments and to the regulatory requirements. The full application of both these requirements is necessary for authorizing the activities and is the tool to gain access to the larger number of possible markets for the destination of the finished products derived from the production process.
Specific procedures regulate a special attention to the documental and visual verification of the raw material, in order to ensure proper health care and adequate commercial quality classification.
The plant is equipped with the latest technology provided in the industry: the production line management and supervision system is designed specifically to keep under control the Critical Control Points (CCP), so that the production process can ensure downstream derived products healthy, safe and reliable for all purposes compliant products.
The plant's potential was calculated with the aim of ensuring a very short time of storage of raw materials, minimizing any environmental impact resulting and ensuring the production of higher quality finished products.
Alberio S.p.A. has also developed a line dedicated to the recovery of Used Cooking Oils (UCO-CER 200125) for the production of Regenerated Oil, that is completely separated from the processing line of animal by-products.
Enviromental Impact
The rendering activities has always been characterized by different environmental aspects impacting on the surrounding environment, such as air and water emissions.
The environmental legislation, now fully amended by the Integrated Environmental Framework, requires the company not only the adoption of Best Available Technology for the management of environmental aspects and respect for specific emission parameters, but also continuous improvement actions.
Alberio S.p.A. has pursued this philosophy from the beginning of the 90s, when it was installed is a new wastewater treatment plant and a new plant for the deodorization of odors coming from the production cycle.
Over the past two years, despite having shown consistency in compliance with the emission limits laid down, Alberio S.p.A. has re-evaluated as strategic a new environmental investment and approved the complete revision of the wastewater treatment plant, which now is more modern and with greater processing capacity.
Alberio S.p.A. has also certified its Environmental Management System under the voluntary UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004.