At the end of the production process, Alberio S.p.A. gets Animal Fats and Processed Animal Proteins.
Regulation (EC) 1069/2009 and Regulation (EU) 142/2011 regulate the uses for which these products can be destined and the features of compliance that they must have before being placed on the market.
Furthermore, depending on the use, products may require specific sanitary or administrative authorization or specific product certifications, which integrate the basic Animal By-Product mandatory requirements.
Alberio S.p.A. has always considered strategic to have access to all the allowed markets and the uses.
For this reason the company developed its resources to ensure that the facility and the management system will enable the different regulation requirements compliance.
In addition to the mandatory compliance, the company's Integrated Management System also ensures full traceability of the production lots, with the garantee of the correlation between raw material and final products and simplifying the access to the information in case of lots tracing paths aimed to recalls of the finished products from the market.
The Used Cooking Oils recycling plant is managed in accordance with the provisions of the Integrated Environmental Authorisation and in compliance with Waste Framework Directive and Decreto Legislativo 152/2006.
Regulatory developments in the field of energy production pollution reduction and the consequent continuous research of bio-fuels and bio-sustainable liquid, offered to Alberio S.p.A. the possibility of providing derived products to customers able to use them directly in its plants for energy production, for CHP, or as a raw material for the biodiesel production.
Alberio S.p.A. certified his management system in accordance with voluntary scheme ISCC-EU in order to guarantee the sustainable origin of Animal fat and Regenerated Oils.
Oleochemical industry
During its own history, Alberio S.p.A. has refined the quality of its finished products in partnership with European leading oleochemical and soap industries and today is able to provide them with raw materials that are qualified to the multiple needs of their production processes.
Alberio S.p.A. offers to its customers products in compliance with microbiological requirements of the health care legislation and contractual parameters and with garantee of full traceability of consignments.
Feedstuff Industry
Alberio S.p.A. suplies Category 3 Animal Fats and Processed Animal Proteins such as raw materials for the production of feed for farm animals, aquaculture and pet food.
The products offered for Feedstuff Industry ensure compliance with microbiological, physical and chemical requirements of the sanitary legislation, compliance with the contractual parameters, correct balance of nutrients and full traceability of consignments.
Alberio S.p.A., as feed business operator is authorized to produce animal feed in accordance with italian Legge 281/1963 and with Regulation (EC) 183/2005.
All products are supplied with labeling in accordance with Regulation (EU) 68/2013.
Alberio S.p.A. supplies Category 3 Processed Animal Protein that, thanks to their microbiological and chemical-physical features, represent an excellent natural organic fertilizer suitable for use in bio-agriculture.
Alberio S.p.A. is authorized for the manufacture of fertilizers in accordance with Decreto Legislativo 75/2010. All products are supplied with the required label.
Bovine Hides
Alberio S.p.A. provides fresh or salted bovine skins coming from slaughterhouses located in Northern Italy to the tanning industry.
Thanks to its authorizations under the Regulation (EC) 1069/2009 and Regulation (EC) 853/2004, the company may certify the materials as either Category 3 or suitable for the production of Collagen and Gelatine.